This is my favorite thing to do.  Play my original music in a great setting for a bunch of people who want to be inspired by a good show full of sincere, quality music-making.  I usually bring a friend or two along to accompany me, which can turn it into an even more spontanaeous, special evening.  As you can see from the calendar, I don't do it as often as I should.  But when I do, I hope you'll be there...

Shannon Whitworth
These days, most of my shows are with Shannon.  I play guitar and sing and do what I can to help out with her beautiful sound and great songs.  If you don't know Shannon, you should.  Here's her website: beautiful music.  Sometimes we perform as a duo, which is nice.  And sometimes we travel with the full Shannon Whitworth Band (also really nice, just bigger).

Italian Music Duo
The name's not very poetic, but it's very accurate.  Mike Guggino (mandolin) of the Steep Canyon Rangers joins up with me for this one.  As the name implies, we play traditional Italian stringband music.  It sounds like an Olive Garden commercial, or maybe The Godfather.  It's way, way cooler than an Olive Garden commercial, and not quite as cool as The Godfather.  I guess it's not really fair to compare its coolness to The Godfather, because that's like a cinematic masterpiece.  I love that movie.  I think I like the sequel even more.  I even like the third one a lot, even though it's really different and a lot of people aren't crazy about it.  Maybe, in a way, this band really is cooler than The Godfather.  I guess it just depends on what your definition of "cool" is.  Anyway, I play guitar and sing (in Italian, which is cool) in this group, and it really does kinda need a better name.  So if you think of one (preferably in Italian), let me know.

Cosmic Possums
Cosmic Possums is a bluegrass band (kind of).  It looks like a bluegrass band, but doesn't really act like one.  These guys pulled me out of the classical music world and taught me how to play fun music with friends.  We used to play every Thursday in the parking lot of a burrito restaurant, where we entertained thousands (if not billions) of very happy people.  The band is very special and strange and good.  The guys who make it up are amazing people - there's a national champion banjo player and a national champion mandolin player in the group.  Super pickers who might kinda blow your mind.  Randy Lucas (banjo), Danny Harlow (mandolin, fiddle), Carey Taylor (bass), Ronnie Gregory (mandolin).

Birdfest is a music festival in rural South Carolina (really really rural) that commemorates the life and untimely death of a mule named Bird.  More than that, it's the second best party I've been to in my entire life (I really like to party, so that's saying a lot) and you're invited. My friends and family and I put it on every year - usually takes place in mid-May.  There's always a great lineup of bluegrass (and more) bands, a parade, movie stars, late-night fellowship, beautiful people, very few rules, and the crowning of the annual king and queen of Birdfest.  Get in on the mailing list, and I'll make sure you've got the time and date and directions.  If you don't have directions, there's no way in hell you'll ever find it.  But once you do make it there, you'll probably never miss it again.  It's fun.  I mean like really really fun.